Lediga Tjänster

Some of our chefs work a few passes, others are employed for several seasons, and some have been working full-time for years. Since the start in 2008, we’ve always managed to be a synchronized gang who have fun together - and no matter what kitchen - we're professionals. We weigh your experience, your social skills and your personal potential. What you lack in experience, you should weigh up in potential.

It is important that you have respect for the craft, the raw material and above all, the team around you.
Staffing suits many people and it goes faster than you think. You will soon discover that you have become a skilled and professional "beginner", who quickly integrates into an unfamiliar kitchen and quickly finds your place in a new team.

Do not hesitate to call us, email or come by for a coffee and tell us about yourself and we’ll run a test session to see if we sync.