About us


Kock.in was founded in 2008 by three good friends, Tobbe, Claes and Johannes. We have a long history together and have worked side by side in the kitchen for many years. In the autumn of 2008, when we started the company, the purpose was originally intended for catering operations.
To build a clientele and to market the company, we hired ourselves as chefs.

Pretty soon, we discovered that the need for both long- and short-term staff was great and without much thought, we connected with other chefs, who were hired into restaurants through us. Before the end of 2008, we had a solid team of chefs, who were hired by restaurants around Stockholm every day of the week. Thus, our intended catering business had changed direction and we were now fully invested in staffing. As the restaurant and food interest has expanded, the need for good and competent staff has also increased. We intend to offer quality services and through us you get a tailored staff.

Torbjörn Bakke

Personnel coordinator kitchen / Consultation


Johannes Wahlman

Recruitment / Marketing Manager 


Claes Håkansson

CEO / Finance Manager


Sarah Lindberger

HR / administration